Szczecin - A street - A city. Karkutschstrasse - St. Wojciech Street.
A history and modern image of the city
as seen through one street's perspective

Karkutschstraße - ul. sw. Wojciecha

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Starting with the National Archives' building situated at the corner of Jagiellonska and St. Wojciech's streets we commence our journey into the past. The reproductions of old documents are proceeded by the picture of Pomeranian Dukes' Castle - the original seat of the Archives. The street's history becomes a pretext for telling the city's history, which is presented in the form of the calendar of most important events and the short outline of events. The album is a "specific" catalogue of the exhibition " Karkutschstrasse - St. Wojciech Street. A history of one street in Szczecin". The drafts of old manor houses' facades are paralleled with modern pictures. A spectator's attention is drawn to details, ephemeral in normal observation. Old pictures of churches and former cemetery, the baroque gate and pre-war houses at Zwyciestwa Square are examples of the atmosphere characteristic of the old town that is best-rendered through citizens caught in the street. Sepia atmosphere of old photos and "yellowed" documents are contrasted with the modern times, and the reality in blue greys. This modernity is Polish presence in this city and the evidence of the last 50 years. It's people's attitude towards the remained heritage. The leading motif through the album's pages is a road sign with 2 juxtaposed names of streets" Karkutschstrasse and St. Wojciech Street. In the past, the German names come first, in the modern times the Polish do. The modern architecture and the city's cultural potential - museums, galleries, theatres, philharmonic hall- all add to the image.

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