This relatively peaceful street lined by the old trees of the former cemetery and located near the city centre attracted many rich residents of Szczecin. Several lawyers, doctors, and merchants lived here. The slightly more modest part of the street - from the side of Turnerstraße (Jagiellońska St.) was occupied by large wholesalers of perfumes, cloth, and cut flowers, as well as cloth shops and even a big tailor's shop. Near the Record Office was the Military Tax Office, and during the interwar period barracks were placed on the square from the side of Bismarck St. (now Obrońców Stalingradu St.). These served as offices for various companies and associations. For years the most distinctive feature of Karkutsch St. was the proximity of as many as three churches. The oldest of them was the above mentioned John the Baptist Church, constructed according to the design of Berlin architect Seibert, and consecrated in 1890. The next was a protestant church, built during 1906-1909 according to the design of Jürgen Kröger. The neogothic structure with its slender, 65-metre tower initially served the Johann Bugenhagen protestant community (now St. Wojciech Church). The construction of a Protestant garrison church (at present the Jesus' Holy Heart Church) on the grounds of an old garrison cemetery was started in 1913. The structure was built according to the design of B. Stahl. One of the first modernistic churches made completely of concrete was finished in 1919. Its form and ornamentation suggest a military function - solid, massive, and heavy with roofs resembling helmets, and a shield motif on the northern gable. The wooden tower of a radio transmitter was the next characteristic structure built on the old cemetery area. It was constructed in 1933.


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