The history of one street in Szczecin (Stettin)

Karkutschstraße - Saint Wojciech Street

This exhibition presents a historical impression about a small spot in the urban space of Szczecinin, the European city situated on the Polish-German border in the estuary of the Oder flowing into the Baltic. The place, which in different periods bore two names - the German: Karkutschstrasse and the Polish - St. Wojciech Street. The Karkutschstrasse in the German Stettin existed since 1874 until 1945. The St. Wojciech's appeared in the Polish Szczecin in 1945 and is present there until today. This unique virtual excursion in time and space, has been presented on forty one-metre high tablets. There meet historic sources showing the present as if taken by the camera's eye. Reproductions, old pictures, maps, drawings - tenement houses' drafts, old documents, out-of-date and modern photos - all these build up your imagination of the street, confronts the past with the present in the most material, original form. The traces of the past constitute, beside the remembrance of the old and modern citizens, the only bridge between the present and past worlds. It is them who do not allow you stay indifferent towards the question of this place's identity and make you search for the answers to the question, which has for years remained unanswered.